A Powerful Symbol Of Change: Using Your Maiden Name After Divorce

For many women, the ability to take back their "maiden" name after a divorce represents a powerful and meaningful symbol of a change for the better. The decision to revert back to your previous name is a personal and individual one, however, and those contemplating this action would do well to consider the impact such a change could bring. To help you better deal with this big decision, read on to learn some important considerations about taking back your maiden name with a divorce. [Read More]

Filing For Your Divorce: Which Conditions Will You Have To Determine?

In Canada, each province has slightly different paperwork for you to file when you want to divorce your spouse. While the divorce procedures in Canada are overseen by the Federal Divorce Act, each province or territory varies in the way you proceed through your divorce. From the decision to divorce your spouse, to receiving the final decree so that you can marry again if you choose, the process of divorce can be simple if both parties agree on the conditions. [Read More]

What Is Divorce Mediation?

When you're getting a divorce, it's important to know all your options for getting the best settlement possible. Mediation is one of the paths that you can take during the divorce process that can help you reach a fair settlement. If you're currently separating from you spouse and are beginning the proceedings, it may become important for you to know about mediation as an option. What is divorce mediation? Family law mediation, or divorce mediation, is an option for divorcing couples seeking an alternative to court. [Read More]